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Human Wear

Human Wear has organized a fashion show which has taken place in "Renaissance" art-gallery. It was participated by young and well- known fashion designers of Uzbekistan: Elmira Ibragimova, Alevtina Kim, Artem Drobyshev, Pahlavon Turdiev, Dyne Sajfi, Tamila Dzhaferova, Lydia Andre, Olga Peresypkina, Gulnara Khakimov and Usmanov's Dinar ("Premier Etage"), Natalia Ignatov and Valentine Gorbachev, Zulfija Rahmatullina, Alexander Chichinova. more

TTIF 2007

This year the “TITF-2007” fair hosted participants from more than 21 countries of the world. United by a common idea of establishment and organization of joint activities with Uzbek tour operators, representatives of companies from Spain, Greece, Czech, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Poland, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, Ukraine, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Syria took part in this event. more

The Guardian Saints of Tashkent. Part IV. Khovand Takhur and Hhodja Akhrar
The most honoured of the Moslem saints of Tashkent, Sheikh Khovand Takhur, after whom Shaykantakhur, an administrative district of Tashkent, is named, was born at the close of 13th century in the mountain settlement of Bogustan to a family of descendants of the Prophet. more
Goitered gazzelle
The majestic posture of this animal has never left anybody indifferent, poets compared its large deep black eyes to the eyes of oriental beauties. more
The Tashkent museum of railway equipment
The super modern “Golden Eagle” train arrives at Tashkent railway station. The passengers alighting are foreign tourists from Australia, the UK, Norway and other countries - about 100 people in total – who are traveling along the following itinerary: China (Beijing) – Kazakhstan - Uzbekistan (Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara -Urgench) - Russia (Moscow). more
Hamar Art Gallery. Tatiana Lee
The language of Color is very important for me as a way of transmitting emotions to people. I speak with people through Color. I paint all works in motive. Nature is so wonderful, so colorful, so paradoxical and so multi-colored, that it is a sin not to use it. I try not to lose the rhythm of working journeys. In each of them a new cycle of works is born. more
Hamar Art Gallery. Anvar Nazarov
Azizkhon Salikhov, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, and Atabek Salievich Yuldashev, member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, are the founders of the art of Uzbek straw. more
The soviet heritage of Kyrgyzstan

There is much written about the history of Central Asia – especially concerning the Great Silk Road, the network of trade routes which traversed the mountains and steppes between the mysterious Oriental Chinese Empire and Europe.  The Silk Road, however, began to fade in importance as sea routes between these two great centers of civilization developed. more

A Holy Plase is Never Empty
In August of 2005 a research group headed by the author, consisting of Issyk-Kul archaeological expedition headed by academician V. M. Ploski, carried out scientific research into the legendary Armenian brothers’ Christian monastery on the eastern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. According to a Catalan map of the 14th century, relics of the Saint, Apostle and Evangelist Matthew exist there. The location is therefore the subject of long-term scientific disputes and exploration. One group of scientists claims the monastery is on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, another on the northern, while some believe it is now under water. more
Riding Paradise
Have you ever felt that you want to be alone with nobody to disturb you, nobody to tell you what to do or how to behave? Or that you want to be yourself, to feel what it is to be yourself...? more
Lake Balkhash and Northern Pribalkhashye
Southeast of Karaganda, at the junction of the Karaganda and the Almaty oblasts, is Lake Balkhash. It is one of the largest lakes in the world (about 18 thousand square kilometers). The uniqueness of Balkhash is that the half of the lake is fresh and another half is salty (the salty eastern and the fresh western parts are divided by a narrow strait Uzyn-Aral). The depth of Balkhash does not exceed 26 meters, and its length is more than 600 kilometers. more
Discovering Almaty Lakes
Today I want to tell you about the beauty and magnificence I have been lucky enough to experience and about everything here in Central Asia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Almaty region, the land of Semirechye, the land of legends and the pure nature of Kazakhstan. I hope someday your route will also lead to the shores of the transparent and salubrious waters. more
The lost world of the Yagnob
There are not many places on our planet which have been untouched by civilization, where people live by the laws of their ancestors carefully preserving their traditions and culture. It is surprising that one such place is located in Tajikistan, just a few dozen kilometers away from the busy highway between Khujand and Dushanbe.
The Yagnob river has forged a way through the inaccessible mountains of Pamir-Alay and here, in a narrow valley squeezed between the Zerafshan and parts of the Gissar mountain ranges, there live the descendants of the ancient Sogdians, who speak a unique ancient language comprehensible only to them. more
Roof of the world
Pamir is one of the phenomenal mountain range which forms a high ground for the great tectonic balance in this region of the world. In the southwest it runs into Hindukush range buttressing the little intermediary ranges. Tienshan range skirts the northeastern part of the region running into China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. To its higher plateau, the term Pamir knot is often applied owing to its relationship with neighboring ranges.   
Pamir is one of the highest and remotest part of our region which covers a huge rugged territory. more
Arabs of djeynau
Since ancient times caravan routes have crossed in Central Asia. Here passed merchants with varied stock, and hordes of warriors dreaming of conquering rich distant countries rushed. Working people walked here in communities, families, and even alone, in search of good places where one can stay, have arrest, and, maybe, remain for the rest of his life.
Since 8-th century A.D. Arabs came here from distant Saudi Arabia. They were cheerful, Это были жизнерадостные, hard-working, and kind people. Natives hospitably met those who came with peace. more

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