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From the editorial board

The old and the new and the change from one to the other, this is my theme for spring and for ITB Berlin, the world's premiere tourism trade show, where not only this brand new edition of Discovery Central Asia with its new face will be distributed but where our Uzbekistan Special in German language will give the German speakers a chance to get a closer look at what Central Asia and specifically Uzbekistan are all about - with the aim of drawing these readers with our photos, our articles, to a world they had considered off limits. more

Discovery in London

With fantastic support from British Council, our team from Discovery Central Asia was once again back at WTM with our own stand. Decked out in fashion and accessories from Ikat and silk maded in Uzbekistan, we were not only in London to make our publications known to a wider audience; indeed, bringing Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, all of Central Asia, that unknown territory, into a positive limelight is a our broadest aim. more

When I come to Love, I am ashamed of all that I have ever said about Love Rumi. more
Chess on the Silk Road
The Great Silk Road from its very beginnings more than two millennia ago this most famous of all ancient trade routes has been synonymous with adventure, mystery and wonder. more
In Samarkand, visitors have the chance to travel through living history, not just by way of artefacts kept in the confines of a museum. Mosques and tombs still serve as places for religious pilgrimage, as they have for a thousand years and wares from all over Central Asia are on sale just as during the time of The Great Silk Road. more
The ancient legend credits the construction of the Ark citadel to Siyavush, an epic hero of Central Asia. Young Siyavush fell in love with the local Khan's daughter, and the father, as it often happens in legends, decided to put him to a test. more
Boysun Bahori

Surkhandarya is one of the most ancient cultural centers of Uzbekistan with an entirely original history and a unique course of evolution. more

The Fann Mountains
On the junction of two huge ranges of the Central Asian Pamir Altai Mountainous system, the Zeravshan and Hissar, only 120km from the world renouned historic city of Samarkand, are the Fann Mountains. more
Wakhan Valley
Tajikistan with all the allure the name alone holds, who would have earnestly considered travelling there until very very recently? If Central Asia is still perceived as a region few could pinpoint on a map, then Tajikistan is the ultimate unknown. more
The Imprint of the Kushans
At the top of a lonely ziggurat in the remote Pamir Mountains, sits a stone with a single footprint set into it.
This is a relic of the once-mighty Kushan Empire, which took Buddhism across the world from Central Asia. more
The Eagle: Last of the Nomads
Ulan sits astride his horse at the mouth of a rocky ravine in the Zayiliiski Alatau range of the Tien Shan Mountains in Southern Kazakhstan. On his arm, which is protected by a thick rough suede glove, sits a magnificent six-year-old golden eagle (byerkut). more
Festivals in Kyrgyzstan
The Kyrgyz enjoy many a celebration and plenty of festivals and other events can even be arranged at short notice. The Chabana, for example, (which is featured in the Lonely Planet Guide as an event well worth visiting) is a harvest festival which can be organized locally quite spontaneously. In this part of the world, it is sometimes difficult to know what is going on and where much in advance. more
Peak Lenin
Peak Lenin (7134m above sea level) is the highest point of the Zaalayskiy Range the mountain range stretching in latitudinal direction for 240km and serving a natural border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. It has a glaciation area of 1194 km sq. To the North, it slopes down to Alay Valley where Kyzyl-Suu River flows while its southern slopes drain to Sauk-Say River valley. more
Ecotourism in the Sary-Chelek
A visit to Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve will allow you a glimps at the world as it was before the time of the great ice age. Sary-Chelek is part of the Western Tien Shan, one of the largest mountain systems of the world. more
Culinary traditions
Kyrgyz traditions associated with food and sharing food are among those that have most shaped the culture. more
The Great Wall
No one can tell precisely when the building of the Great Wall was started but it is popularly believed that it originated as a military fortification against intrusion by tribes on the borders during the earlier Zhou Dynasty... more
Fauna and Flora
15 preserves and 20 reserves are the keepers of unique wildlife

The largest reserves of Azerbaijan are Zagatala and Gizilagaj, on the territories of which representatives of all endangered species of the region are united and protected... more
The motherland of great conquerors whose well-preserved distinctive culture and milklenia-old history are comparable to none. In the center of Asia, but on the outskirts of civilization... ... read more
Dazzled by glossy interior design and travel magazine pages I too finally succumbed and booked myself and my mother, my best travel companion, a fly & drive ticket to Morocco. Elements of the Moroccan style originate in Bukhara and in my work as tourism development expert in Central Asia I mention Morocco as a role model. more
24h in ... Dushanbe
The artist's colony opens its doors to interested visitors - the underground art scene and its surprising works... more

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