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From the editorial board

First and foremost the entire team of Discovery Central Asia wishes all those who have been so badly hid and who have lost so much recently the strength and courage you will need to rebuild your lives and your livelihood. We join the rest of the world - our thoughts are with you though never have we felt further from any ocean. more


Thanks to very generous support from British Council in Tashkent and an agreement with British Airways, Discovery Central Asia was able to participate at WTM World Travel Market in London. Such interest in Central Asia and our activities! more

Gourment. LAGHMAN
The world LAGHMAN derives from the word Lyohn Mian which was pronounced Lyag Man by the Uighurs and originates in the former Dzhungarai, the area made up of western China, parts of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and part of the Ferghana Valley. Overall in Central Asia, this delicious dish became known as Laghman. more
Art. The Museum in Nukus

Nukus, Karakalpakstan - In the storage rooms of the Nukus Museum a team of three do their best to prevent the inevitable decay of Central Asia's greatest and most unique collection of paintings.

The life's work of a passionate collector Igor Savitsky and his loyal team, the collection is a reservoir of Russian and local cultural heritage including a very rare and extensive collection of Russian Avant Garde. Their survival through decades of state repression is a credit to Savitsky. Their preservation today is the mission of the Museum's current director Marinika Babanazarova and the French restoration group Restaurateurs Sans Frontieres. more
Focus. Azerbaijan
Neville McBain is Director of British Council in Uzbekistan. Since three years he resides with his wife and four children in Tashkent. He is an ardent traveler in the region and a great supporter of tourism development and culture. Neville McBain successfully strives to make a difference. more
Nature. The Salt Waters Alakol Lake
Explored primarily by those who descend from the heavens, and not far from the Chinese border, lies one of southeast Kazakhstan's best-kept secrets. Known as the place for post-mission recovery, cosmonauts have been flocking to the black-pebbled shores of Alakol Lake for years. The multi-colored Alakol Lake is 90km long, and its 16% saltwater is said to have medicinal properties. Here, cosmonauts are joined by their fine-feathered friends who also have come to this secret resting spot along their migratory path. Nominated for listing as a Ramsar site, Alakol Lake is situated on the Indo-Chinese migratory flyway and is part of the country's most strategic wetlands complex for birds. Without a doubt the area is a bird bonanza for bird enthusiasts and eco-tourists alike! more
Voyage. ABC of Tadjikistan

The Tadjiks are mountain people and farmers in areas, that yield enough to live on only through much hardship. Nature determines the passage of time and daily activities, including farmwork and handicrafts. more

Festivals in Kyrgyzstan’2005
Kyrgyzstan is the homeland of one of the most ancient Turkic-speaking nations of the world – the Kyrgyz . A centuries-old, nomadic way of life; a history filled with momentous and dramatic events; the network of routes which made up the Great Silk Road – these have all resulted in the emergence of a unique and multi-faceted culture. more
48 Hours in Khiva
The history of Khiva and the Khorezm oasis is a most fascinating one and the many quaint museums within the Ichan Kala, the walled old city of Khiva, give you insights into life as it was up to quite recently, actually. more

Focus. Urgut Bazar

Generally in Uzbekistan, the word shopping for traditional items such as suzani, pillowcases, embroidered bags, nomadic jewelry, rugs, is associated with Bukhara and Samarkand. Where else but in these ancient trading centers would one find such ancient crafts? Well, far away from the old domes and the Medresses and their tiny boutiques there is a shopping destination  for adventure travelers... Urgut Bazaar. more
Detours. Shakhrizabsz
Shakhrisabszs means Green City and indeed, as you look down from the pass over the plains, green and lush are words that spring to mind. Driving towards Shakhrisabsz orchards, fertile fields and vineyards flit by your car window. more

Sitora i Mokhi Khosa Summer Palace

A few km away from Bukhara's old town, down the new Presidential Road, you get the chance to enter into a fairy tale world, lovingly created almost a century ago. A perfect detour to acquire a better understanding how attached the last Bukharian rulers were to the Western world. more

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