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From the editorial board

These recent weeks, for once, I found myself traveling a lot as a tourist, on journeys that took me around the Kyrgyz Republic during a wonderful press trip organized by DMA, and later from Tashkent to Switzerland and the magic of the Locarno Film Festival and the design hotels of Zurich, to Italy for the Umbria Jazz Festival in the charming old town of Perugia, to Northern Denmark for a family reunion and an impromptu night at the phantastic Hilton Copenhagen Airport with its memorable breakfast buffet, and a bee line on the way home via Almaty where an insider took me gourmet restaurant and caf? hopping. more

Press trip around Bavaria

Recently I had the great pleasure of traveling to Bavaria on a Press Trip organized by the German Tourism Board in partnership with Lufthansa. We were a selected few from all around Central Asia to be invited to a dream destination for many of us. Need we say our trip was organized to perfection? more

Detours. Boysun
Since the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, Boysun has been the crossroads uniting Bactria and Sogd. The Akhaemenid, Greek, Kushan, Hepthalite, Samanid, Karakhanid, Ghaznevid and Khorezmshah empires have all left traces. Alexander, Genghis Khan, the Arabs, Amir Temur, Babur, and their armies all passed through here. ... read more
Voyage. Kalas
There are few places in the world where an impressively large number of archaeological remains from a high culture can be found on a relatively small territory. Sumer, Ancient Egyp, Mohenjo Daro spring to mind. Ancient Khorezm ranks among them and is only now coming to the attention of a wider public. The Kalas, the castles and fortresses in the sand of the lost cities of Ancient Khorezm make for a fascinating visit and take you back to a time, when the Amu Darya delta was a thoroughfare along The Great Silk more
Focus. Gur-Emir
Gur-Emir... among those burried here, two men stand out, both famous rulers who have shaped the destiny of Samarkand and made it the pearl of The Great Silk Road. One was a conqueror, the other an enlightener. One was a general, the other an astronomer. Grandfather and grandson. Amir Temur and Ulug Bek.... read more
24h in... Tashkent province
A week-end to spend in Tashkent? Waiting for your flight back home with time to spare? Looking for a day trip with your kids? Then Tashkent Province is where you should turn to. We will take you on a tour to the sites no one knew of within a radius of 80km max of Tashkent city center.... read more
Focus. Lakeside golf club

First thing to remember before you set foot on the green:, footwear for golfers is designer to protect the carefully manicured lawn. No stiletto heels, no western boots. And the dress code: strictly no jeans and collarless shirt.... read more

Voyage. Peak Communism
The Pamirs (from Persian "the roof of the world") is a vast mountain region in Central Asia, where branches of the greatest ridges of the Asian continent Hindu Kush, Kunlun, Tien-Shan come together. Peaks of the Pamirs are the second highest, surpassed in height only by those of the Himalaya and the Karakorum. Unmatched in the world. The Pamirs' highest peak is Somani Peak (Peak Communism) 7,495m. In 1999, by order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, Peak Communism was renamed Somani Peak, in honor of the founder of the Tajik more
Voyage. Khodjent
The city of Khodjent lies at the very entrance to the Ferghana valley and until quite recently in the history of Central Asia, the route further East into the territory of then Dzungarai and China, to the major stops along The Great Silk Road passed right through Khojent.... read more

Focus. Shah-Fasil mausoleum

Throughout Central Asia, the burial sites of saints and mystiques, of men and women who may have lived hundreds of years ago play an integral part of everyday life. Often though, we find ourselves at a loss when asked by a foreign visitor about a particular shrine and the story behind it..... read more

Focus. Equine articles from CA

The history of horse tackle is long and varied. Different nationalities developed their own embellishments - but the whip (kamchi) was probably the first implement to be invented. The bridle - providing a link between horse's head and the rider's hands first appeared over 5000 years ago. more

Focus. Mangghystau

On the shores of the Caspian Sea lies a peninsula, which for many years was referred to as "treasure island" for its many precious natural resources but nowadays gets increasing recognition as a fascinating travel destination; Manggau will become a name to remember. more

Focus. On the outskirts of Almaty

The capital of Kazakhstan is situated in the South-east-of the Republic, on the northern flanks of the Tian-Shan Mountains, at an altitude of 600-900 meters above sea level. more

Focus. Opening doors in Kazakhstan

Beautiful nature. Rich memories. Welcoming hosts. That can be said about all the countries in Central Asia, and many across the world, but it can be shouted loudly about Kazakhstan. more

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