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From the editorial board

I will make this brief. We’re November 1, 2005 – the end of the season for many hoteliers and tourism services in Central Asia – the start of a hectic time for our Discovery team and for me as an editor. Another 2 weeks to go and we will be back in London for WTM, the tourism fair all of us have come to love. Back at our very own Discovery stand; it is going to feel a little bit like coming home. more

Travel Expo Hong Kong

Our compliments for the great trade show and a huge thank you to the organizers, the Chinese tour operators, our future partners & the Chinese Public who were wonderful. more

History. Bakhauddin Nakshbandi
The holiest of all monuments of the Old Town of Bukhara is not situated, as you might expect, in the heart of this 2500 year old city but rather a few few km's outside, in the village by the name of Bakhauddin; The mausoleum of Bakhauddin Nakshband and the entire ensemble around it is one of the most revered places in the Islamic world, scattered with shrines, shrouded by legends, visited by pilgrims from all over Uzbekistan and the entire globe. more
People. Bukhara
The young people of the Global Xchange program were a gift from heaven in as much as they arrived to Bukhara and the Bukhara Tourism Association at a time when we were up to our ears taking small steps to make the old town a yet better place for tourism and more
Focus. Ulugbek Observatory
Ulug Bek, grandson of Amir Temur, found a place in history as one of the greatest sienctists in the historyof the world. He first founded a university for the study of theology and science, the Ulug Bek Medresse in the Registan Square, one of the world's most beautiful monuments, where the leading mathematical scientists researched and taught. ... read more
Art. Suzanni
For every ethnic group of Central Asia, embroidery is a significant decorative and cultural art. From skull caps to the cuffs of women's traditional pants, from cradle covers to pillows, tablecloth and curtains, embroidery is the ultimate expression of Central Asia, its customs and traditions. Best known and appreciated by foreign visitors are the large Suzanni wall hangings, intricately stitched complex masterpieces, a collaboration of several woman from one family or tribe... read more
History. Saint Daniel

One of the most well known sites of worship in Samarkand is the Mausoleum of Saint Daniel. Followers of the Islamic faith, Christians, the Jewish treat this place with equal respect. Daniyar, Daniil, Daniel are the names of one and the same Saint in the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish literature... read more

Art. Alacha
Perusing the bazaars of Uzbekistan and namely the small shops of those dealing in antique textile you will repeatedly come across a garment that in its design and colors perfectly fits the current ethno trend of fashion designers from New York to Milan. more
Detours. Ecological tourism (Aral)
The Kyzlkum and Karakum deserts of Uzbekistan offer visitors spectacular settings where the horizons stretch endlessly and the bustle of carpet sellers in Bukhara and Samarkand is left far behind. ... read more
Heliskiing in Uzbekistan
Definition: extreme type of mountain-skiing, whereby a group of skiers or snowboarders is taken by a helicopter to landing places on the most beautiful and inaccessible high altitude peaks and ridges from where the skiers begin their breath-taking free ride through deep virgin snow, intoxicated by the beauty of the mountains and charged with an fantastic adrenalin rush. ... read more
My travel. The Rooftop of the World
Winding at altitudes between 3000-4700m between Khorog and the Kizil Art pass bordering Kyrgyzstan, it promises all of these and also a unique experience, since very few foreign travellers have passed along the route since the Great Game explorer Francis Younghusband was expelled by the Russians in 1891. .. read more
Art. Kyrgyz decorative patterns
The history of Central Asia, the origin of its culture, its customs and traditions were for the longest time blank pages on the great book of the history of the world. When in the IXX century the first Russian travelers and scientists ventured into the area that is today known as Kirgizia, to map out Turkestan, they used to joke that mankind knows much more about the moon than about these mysterious lands.... read more
Focus. Saimaluu Tash
Tucked away and hidden at an altitude above 3000 meters way back in the Ferghana range, about 100 km northwest of Jalalabad, near the Kurgat Pass lies the remote high altitude plateau of Saimalu-Tash. Literally translated as "Patterned stones", the name makes reference to the gallery of thousands of stone paintings - petroglyphs which are scattered over two moraine slopes with the first slope holding the majority of the stones.... read more
Focus. to the Khan-Tengri
The stories of heroic explorers who ventured into previously uncharted territory has always held readers or listeners spellbound. Amundsen, Stanley are household names in reference to the North Pole and Africa. In Central Asia, the names of two explorers, both fascinating personalities, spark immediate recognition for having “discovered” the Tien-Shan mountains - Piotr Petrovich Semenov Tian-Shanskiy and Gottfried Merzbacher... read more
48 in ... Almati
Almati is certainly linked to the world as you can see from this panel listing airlines that have code shares to Almati from major US, European and Asian destinations... read more
Nature. Charyn Canyon
Almaty has much to offer the visitor, no doubt, but with some time on your hands, a trip to sites outside the city boundaries is well worth the effort.
One of the most popular and accessible such points of interest is Charyn Canyon. It has been likened to the Grand Canyon, but holds its own distinct charm. About 200km from Almaty, Charyn makes for an ideal day trip or a wonderful hiking and camping week-end off the beaten track, away from the city for those wishing to explore the canyon further... read more
Azerbaijan Caucasian stop over on the Great Silk Road
The Silk Road impacted the history and development of numerous countries in Eurasia, but we should not forget the role of the small, southern Caucasus country of Azerbaijan. more
Focus. Ancient Merv
As you travel along The Great Silk Road you will often get to hear that the very highway or gravel road you are currently driving on, is indeed the very track that the Caravans of yore used to follow; even from an air conditioned sedan it does not take much to imagine the hardship of crossing the hot, arid steppes by camel and today's traveler is swept with the same feeling of relief and excitement as the caravans of times gone by when, quite abruptly, he crosses into one of the famous green oasis towns of Central Asia. more
Silk road countries. Syria
On the occasion of the Silk Road Festival held in Damascus in September 2005, was generously invited by the Ministry of Tourism as a only English tourism media in Central Asia. more
Silk road countries. Incredible India
The land of natural beauty, vast landscapes, large lakes, high and snowcapped mountains, big rivers, world famous temples, countless green valleys is a unique paradise for tourists from the whole world. You can find many a quotation in praise of India but let us cite one man here, the words of Mark Twain who said "India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured and preserved in India only” more

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