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From the editor

Out side our office in Tashkent, autumn leaves are falling, it's still nice and warm though, the sky is brilliantly blue; this is among the perfect moments to visit Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, other Central Asian and neighboring countries. We imagine, as the avid traveler that you are, you will soon enough be cuddling up on a cold winter evening, just in the right mood to shape next year's travel plans. more

Gourment. The art of hospitality

It is not without reason that the Art of receiving quest and hosting visitors in Central Asia has developed over the millennia into one of the most refined traditions in the world. more

48 Hours in Ferghana Valley
Once upon a time, the Khan of Margilan, who already had four wives, decided he wanted a fifth. He fell in love with the beautiful young daughter of a local artisan. The artisan did not want to marry off his daughter, and asked the khan to change his mind. more
Focus. Osh
Kyrgyzstan's South possesses very ancient history. Recently, the 3000-year anniversary of the city Osh was celebrated. more
Art. Lillo Cicero
Complete respect was the signature theme of the "Biennale 2003" Art Exhibition of Uzbekistan. Artists from a major part of 23 countries from north to south, from east to west were represented in a variety of areas, schools and genres, obtaining an ideal mosaic of the multifaceted and universal cultures of western and eastern art. The show captured the variety of lifestyles and traditions into one meaning. "Art is understood as the teacher of life. "These kinds of displays are necessary for further clarity, for further understanding among people. more
Nature. Enigmatic Peak
Mount Pobeda (victory, or in Chinese Tomur) has an altitude of 7439.3 meters. It is located in the Kokshaal-Tau Ridge of the Central Tien Shan Mountains, on the border between the Kyrgyz Republic and China. It is the Northern most peak among those with an altitude of 7000 meters or greater. more
Focus. Beyond the clouds

To witness Asia's primeval nature, as she looked thousands of years ago is a gift for only the most fortunate. We went for a hike along mountainous trails in the Altai Mountains of Kyrgyzstan, on a trek offered jointly by two travel agencies: Irkishtam Tour and Asia Travel. more

Voyage. Bishkek
Bishkek's personality... What makes it famous? Its surroundings of Majestic mountains... the streets... the parks... the square... even canals... Bishkek's personality... it is just like that of a person - volatile, tempermental... but its features are easy to distinguish amongst thousands of others... more
Nature. Lake Issyk-Kul
The Tien-Shan looks like a sleeping camel, and among its humps, circled in by mountain ranges Issyk-Kul sparkles like the freckles on a young girl's face - ancient Kyrgyz folk song. ... read more
Focus. Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan
Such an inscription on a roadside stone did not give travelers much optimism when they came upon the path, which led to the Tien- Shan - the Heavenly Mountains. After such hospitable and warm places as Bukhara, Samarkand and Ferghana, the severe view onto the Tien-Shans frightened travellers immensely. The gorges seemed to be bottomless pits, the rivers like infuriated tigers. The peaks shot straight into the sky, protecting an endless desert of ice. more
Cultural Tips. Greetings
Traveling in Central Asia is a cultural experience with ancient traditions still rooted deeply in everyday life. Etiquette is important and strictly followed. There are a multitude of ways to greet strangers, acquaintances, or even lifelong friends. more
Focus. Yurts of Kyrgyzstan
The Yurt, a nomad's tent made of felt is the traditional abode of the nomads of Central Asia from ancient times to modern day. This home has spread from the Caspian Sea in the West to Mongolia in the East and from the north of Kazakhstan to Afghanistan in south Central Asia. more
Detours. Naryn
MOST FOREIGNERS who visit the city of Naryn in the center of Kyrgyzstan are travelers retracing the steps of merchants and traders along the Great Silk Road. Arriving from the capital Bishkek, they spend a night, and after an early morning start, continue their journey onto the Torugart Pass and the Chinese border. The fact that they fly in means that they miss out on an interesting part of Central Asia that rewards the traveler with time to relax among spectacular scenery and wildlife. There are also sights steeped in history, and the atmosphere of the ancient Silk Road gives them a chance to experience an age-old nomadic way of life preserved over the centuries. more
People. Yana Volokh
Yana Volokh - is a woman with her hands full. As Director of Ragu Group, she is in charge of operations for a constantly changing fleet of over seven enterprises. We sat down with her for a brief interview to find out what it's like to be a businesswoman in Uzbekistan, and how she manages to juggle such responsibility. more

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