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From the editor

Just back at my desk from a totally different world Boysun, a region tucked away between Samarkand and Termez, the South, on the UNESCO list of oral and intangible heritage. Just back from the Boysuntau Festival, where the best folk ensembles, the best musicians, dancers, Bakshi bards gather each year. An area that almost doesn't let you go again, that draws you into a spell more

Detours. Legendary mosque

One of the oldest and still today legendary mosques in Uzbekistan is the Hazrati Hizir Mosque in Samarkand. It was built by the first invading Arabs in the VII century, right on the edges of the Afrosiab township more

Detours. A House museum in Bukhara
The Man
Faizullo Khodjaev (1896-1938) was a leading state and political figure of Uzbekistan. He was born into a rich Bukharian merchant's family andattheageof17 took part in the Jadid movement and the activities of the Young Bukharians. After the 1917 revolution, he devoted his life to the cause, preparing an armed uprising and the overthrow of the emirate in Bukhara. From 1920 to 1924 Faizullo lead the Bukhara People's Sovjet Republic and later became the first Chairman of the Sovjet of People's Commissars of the USSR, chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Uzbek Communist Party more
People. 4 Great men of history
Abu Ali Ibn Sino (Avicenna)
Abu Ali Ibn-Sino was born in 980 near Bukhara into a family of financial state officials. From the start he showed exceptional aptitude and interest in science and was mainly self taught on the basis of Aristotle's Metaphysic, in the Arabic translation by Al Farabis. Underthe patronage of the Emir of Bukhara, he focused on medicine and philosophy. With his work "Kitab Ash Shifa", the "book of healing", he instigated a whole new epoch in the history of oriental philosophy more
Focus. Mausoleum of samanids in Bukhara
There are so many many interesting historical monuments in the world worthy of your attention but only few of them are fated to remain in the memory of the people who have seen them, that is, without exaggeration, remain vivid for the rest of their lives. The well-known mausoleum of Samanids in Bukhara, without a doubt, is one such monument... more
Focus. Caves in Central Asia
The countries of Central Asia possess a wide potential for developing the speleological tourism. more
Voyage. ABC of Tajikistan

When you close your eyes and say Tadjikistan, what words spring to mind? Probably the same as with the rest of us WILD BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN SCENERY THE PAMIR SPARSE AND BARREN LUSH AND GREEN ALPINE MEADOWS MOUNTAIN GOATS. more

Focus. Almaty father of all Apples
Most fruits and vegetables have their origin in one particular place on the globe. Radishes for example come from China, cranberries are natives of North America. Apples, and that may come as a surprise, apples are from the Tien Shan, from the forests around Almati. Almati meaning Father of All Apples. Next time you bite into a crunchy apple anywhere on this planet, ponder on the fact that that Red Delicious, the Golden Delicious varieties, the Fuji and the Empire, the Gala apple, Jonagold, Mutsu, the Pink Lady and the Elstar can all be traced back to two trees in the Tien Shan who, thousands of years ago, blossomed, bloomed and produced this Father of all Apples more
48h in... Bishkek
Last year Bishkek celebrated its 125th anniversary. A young capital in an ancient land. Bishkek is the soul and the heart of the Kyrghyz Republic, its political, economic, scientific and cultural center, the main transport hub more


Born in 1949 in a small town in Austria, Eduard Raush started out in the electronics industry after graduating from University and in the 80's made a career with the State Austrian Tobacco company. Today he is General Director of the Central Asian Operation of Reemtsma, one of the world's major tobacco companies, with its regional Headquarters in Bishkek from where the various Reemtsma brands are distributed and promoted more
Focus. The Manas Epos
"It was a long time ago, and now the eyewitnesses have gone..." It is with these words that the Manashi begin their songs telling of the exploits of Manas Legendary hero of the Kyrgyz, and of a world long gone more
Those eager to gain an understanding of a country and the people who receive you as a guest are much advised to learn more about the history of that particular country, the people's traditions and everyday life. To understand Kyrgyzstan better, an excellent means is through the historical - ethnographic "Kyrghyz-Ayli", a kind of Yurt-Land created by the versatile company " Dasmiya" more
Nature in Central Asia is many-sided and unique. It contains immense expanses of steppe and eternal mystery of desert. Tyan-Shan mountain range towers above as if oasis in desert landscape framing lake Issyk-Kul with its unique perfect beauty- a pearl of Kyrgyzstan more
Hunting in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan, a country of snow capped mountain peaks, high altitude pastures, crystal clear lakes, rushing streams, unique flora and fauna. A hunter's paradise, especially considering that the culture of the nomads is based on hunting. Each settlement has its famous hunter, with years of experience and an infallible instinct for animals more
Highlights "Must see..."
Everyone has there favourite spot, or experience. It is a question of personal taste. The Lonely Planet guide to Central Asia lists the following in their "Highlights of Central Asia":
· Ala Archa National Park
· Altyn Arashan near Karakol more
Man made cult constructions
Multicentural history of civilization's development is marked primarily by the diversity and variability of traditions, customs and religions. On each step of its development the human society chose itself one or another religious object - celestial luminaries, idea, fire, water, and buildings created by and not created by human hands chieftains and etc. more
Kyrgyz national Riding Games
Skill, strength, dexterity, courage, endurance have always been the Central Asian horseman's major assets and these very elements are much admired and applauded in the traditional riding games, during which the spectators become as excited as the riders themselves. Here the facts more
Around Kyrgyzstan on foot
Situated in the centre of Central Asia, Kyrghyzstan advantageously differs from the nearby lying countries with its amazing nature. The major part of this country is represented by mountains. Beautiful, high and such various mountains named Tyan-Shyan more

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