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From the editor

All about Bukhara that's what 10 pages of special report are about, well, wait, not all, there is of course so much more to discover in and around Bukhara the city so close to my heart more

Gourmet. The Last Emirs

The role, which food played during the reign of the last Emir of Bukhara and that of his immediate forefathers, is often overlooked in view of the political events and the fine crafts that came out of Bukhara more

48 Hours in Bukhara
How unfortunate that the last Emir of Bukhara, Alim Khan, was hardly able to enjoy his property for an extended period of time. The Summer Palace, Sitora I Mokhi Khoza, and its surroundings are perfectly delightful and a nice contrast to the 16th century old town. Take your time to explore the different reception rooms, the harem, the textile museum in one of the pavilions, the shady lanes in the gardens where fawns proudly shake their tail feathers. The staff is helpful with explanations more
Focus. Ala Kiyiz
Amongst the most distinctive Kyrgyz crafts features the traditional design and manufacture of carpets made from felt - Ala Kiyiz and Shyrdaks. Both Ala Kiyiz and Shyrdaks make interesting carpets. Traditionally they were used to ecorate the yurt but also made valuable presents, constituting an essential part of the dowry more
Focus. Natural sacred sites of Kyrygyzstan
By Nikolay Shetnikov
Surely everyone living in Kyrgyzstan or traveling through its territory has at one time or another wondered about the deeper meaning of the many mystical and colorful shreds of fabric tied to branches or wooden beams, the piled up stones along the wayside, mysterious rock inscriptions rock formation shaped like large animals from a certain angle They all are connected with numerous legends remaining us about events of the ancient past more
Focus. 50 - year anniversary of Ala-Archa
The Tien-Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan raise over the Central Asian steppes and deserts like islands crowned by clouds, like a wonderful emerald green and snow white mirage bestowing water and thus life to the sun burnt lowlands more
Voyage. Kyrgyz Villages

Due to the unique geography of this region, the mountain villages of Kyrgyzstan have managed to preserve the traditions and ancient nomadic culture of its people. In summer, the Kyrgyz move to the jailoo (verdant summer pastures) with their herds of sheep and horses, where they live in yurts (felt tents) just as they have done for many centuries. Come and stay in a yurt camp, a world of untouched nature, warm hospitality, calm & spiritual balance more

Gourmet. Kyrgyz national cuisine
From the earliest times Kyrgyz cuisine has been based on meat and dairy products. The nomadic way of life, cattle and horse breeding, brought with it a ready availability of meat at all times. As for vegetal produce, barley, wheat and millet were the staple food more
Cultural Tips. The Tea Ceremony
The first gesure upon visiting someone's home.
Is to be offered tea the ultimate Central Asian hospitality lays in the tea ceremony more
Focus. Pearl of Central Asia
High-mountain Issyk Kul Lake is a pearl of Central Asia, a unique creation of nature, harmoniously incorporated in its surroundings. Located at an altitude of 1610m above sea level, surrounded by mountain ranges from which eternally snow-capped peaks beckon. The lake never completely freezes, no wonder, it's 180kms long, 70 km wide and its deepest point was measured at 688m more
Detours. The charm of jailoo
A visit to a jailoo might be the most exciting experience of any journey to Kyrgyzstan. Jailoos feature amazingly beautiful landscapes and a special ambience that has changed little in centuries. Here, the traditions of a nomadic life - whole families living together in portable dwellings, tending cattle on broad pastures, singing songs and playing games that generations of shepherds have played - have been preserved more
The center of modern art
Q: Ludmila Kodzaeva, we are your guests at the Board of Arts Exhibition, please tell us something about its history?
A: This year, we celebrate the building's 70th anniversary. Originally built as the first exhibition hall in the Republic of Uzbekistan, it possesses a fund of over 15'000 pieces of arts, among which feature key works of the most prominent and finest artists that came out of Central Asia together with masterpieces of applied arts. Volkov, Tansikbayev and others were first exhibited here and on that occasion discovered by the world, receiving invitations from Moscow, Paris, Philadelphia, where they were a great success more
Voyage. Tadjikistan
Running streams of the purest rivers, soft carpets of grass under foots, as sky so blue it makes your heart ache and then the majestic views, we are swept away by nature at her most beautiful. We wanted to get far away from civilization and found a place we didn't want to leave anymore more

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