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From the editorial board

Just back from an extended stay in New York; the city generates so many good ideas and new impulses, some of which we will adapt to our part of the world, along The Great Silk Road. Memorable encounters, the Swiss Foreign Minister, Mme Calmy-Rey on official visit in NYC listened attentively to my brief overview over tourism development in Uzbekistan and may take the issue further; meeting Oscar de la Renta, who incorporates Uzbek ikat fabrics into his spring 2005 collection and is soon to visit Samarkand and Bukhara, tea with the Uzbek consul whose many colleagues are interested in traveling around Central Asia. more

Gourment. Have You tasted plov yet?

a core question that will pop up in any conversation sooner or later. A visit to Uzbekistan without proper plov enjoyed in a Chai Khana, such as Lyabi Hauz in Bukhara or at a private home, is not possible. However, Plov ? more

48 Hours in Samarkand
Even those who have no notion of the existance of Uzbekistan do somehow recall the mythical name "Samarkand". How many travelers have not come through here, since thousands and thousands of years and some have left raving accounts of the city's sp48 Hours in Samarkandlendor more
Focus. Shah I Zinda
Among the many spectacular historical monuments of Samarkand, there is one that stands out among its peers. On the southern outskirts of Afrosiab, the ancient town that preceded the city of Samarkand, you find Shah I Zinda, the necropolis more
People. Neville McBain
Neville McBain is Director of British Council in Uzbekistan. Since three years he resides with his wife and four children in Tashkent. He is an ardent traveler in the region and a great supporter of tourism development and culture. Neville McBain successfully strives to make a difference more
Focus. Lyabi Hauz
In the heart of Bukhara's old town lies a square where young and old, natives and visitors come together. The perfect spot to take a break, to meet old friends, to make new ones, to ponder the past and to draw the future. That's Lyabi Hauz more
Detours. Paykent archaeological site

Visitors to Bukhara often ask about her origins, the very first settlements in and around the city. Today we are fortunate to be able to deliver more than verbal explanations by proposing a half day or day trip to the archaeological site Paykent, where the historically interested through their own eyes and with some imagination gain an understanding of the ancient culture that prevailed here more

Art. Bakhtiyor Nazarov
Bakhtiyor Nazarov is one of those artists in Uzbekistan, who distinguish themselves not only through their particular style but most of all through the theme recurrent in their oeuvre. Perusing a recent exhibition one could but notice that "Women of the Orient" has been a predominant feature of Bakhtiyor Nazarov's art work more
History. Tatars
The history of the Tatars or Tartars as they are also referred to must be one of the most fascinating and least researched as of yet more
Focus. The great game
Uzbekistan, the hidden jewel of Central Asia, has been selected to be the location of the first of a series of fundraising projects for Youth Business International, part of The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, raising funds to create jobs for youth in Asia. more
Funeral rites of the kyrgyz
For centuries, the Kyrgyz led a nomadic lifestyle. So ingrained is this way of life that the saying goes: "when a Kyrgyz dies and is laid to rest, only then does he seize to be a nomad and finally settles down" more
Nature. Flamingos of Kazkhstan
During the summer in northern Kazakhstan, flamingo fever hits the Korgalzhyn nature reserve only a few hours drive from the new capital Astana. Up to 30,000 Greater flamingos stop to lay their eggs in one of Kazakhstan's most important breeding grounds for migratory birds. more
Detours. Lake Aydarkul
They say Uzbekistan has something for every tourist, but a beach holiday.? In a double-landlocked country.? Look no further than Lake Aydarkul, a 200 km2 saline lake that sits in the hollow of Arnasai on the south east end of the Kyzylkum desert. Sandy-bottomed and gently sloping, it is a perfect place for children and adults alike to sunbathe, swim and enjoy all the pleasures of the beach - as we found when we travelled there with 5 adults and 8 children of 11 and under. more
Voyage. ABC of Tadjikistan
National currency is the Somoni
1 Somoni = 100 Diram
1 USD = 3.02 Somoni
1 Euro = 3.75 Somo more

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