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From the editor

Welcome to Tashkent, the gateway to Central Asia and the famous cities along The Great Silk Road, Welcome to a metropolis of contrast, where ancient traditions and believes are still strongly rooted, coexisting with the amenities of the 21st Century, where a multitude of people and nationalities live peacefully side-by-side. Tashkent has always been and still is a city of tolerance and we do hope you will feel this upon your first visit. In this line we have dedicated our title page in memoriam of one of Uzbekistan's finest fashion photographers to all the young people here who live their traditions and at the same time have traveled abroad, seen the world and who now have to find a way to respond to all expectations, to overcome rooted obstacles and build their own future. Right here. We know these young motivated and dedicated people need help... more

News. Bukhara

Unraveling the past is what the family run K.Komil B&B has been busying themselves with during the winter months. Much of the stucco paint is gone, revealing the most superb original wall paintings from the late 1800's these murals are all yours to look at since they adorn 2 new rooms.
For reservations call 223 87 80 or write to or more

Gourment. Obi-non
Among the splendid variety of pastry lepyoshkas (round bread) play a prominent part in Uzbek cuisine. Lepyoshkas are mentioned in one of the oldest written works, "Epos about Gylgamesh", the legendary ruler of the summers, who lived almost 5000 years ago. Lepyoshkas are baker in special clay ovens called tandir. While unearthing the Afrosiab archealogical site in Samarkand, finds included tandirs used by fire-worshippers. more
Gourmet beverage
In 1514 the German Duke William 4th issued an edict in which it was stipulated that for brewing, only malt, barley, hop and water were to be used, Before then "to improve the taste and quality" of the beer, brewers and home brewers had added "devilish mixtures" and powders. Of course such additives had an adverse effect on the taste of beer. more
24 Hours in Tashkent
Hotel ASIA Tashkent is owned by Marco Polo Central Asia Travel, a new and fast developing travel services provider. With its 26 a/c rooms all featuring Sat TV and international phones, with amenities such as conference hall for up to 50, laundry, business center, Internet access and a restaurant this will become one of Tashkent's choices to stay while on business or on your way to Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva or the Ferghana Valley. more
Location. Karakalpakstan
Tehe Savitsky Karakalpakstan State art Museum.
Founded in 1966. This is one of the most precious books related to Uzbekistan you could possibly own. We've got one and are delighted to let you have a few glimpses. more

Outdoor sports have always been popular especially in the foothills and mountains of Central Asia. Riding is among the preferred activities let us take you through a few riding routes at your choice. more

Arts Fashion. Silk from Uzbekistan
1. April 27, 3:30pm. It's the afternoon of the Human Wear Fashion Show, Kathy is at her fitting of a new silk batik collection by Lola Saifi, a famous designer in Uzbekistan, She and Liliya, the shop assistant, are going through the collection, Kathy pulls out and scrutinizes a silk multi-layered batik dress decorated with vibrant patterns and shapes on a dusky-pink background. more
People. David Pearce
Q: When you first arrived in Uzbekistan, what surprised, struck you most?
A: I had already been to Central Asia ample times and therefore knew what to expect. more
Since childhood I was fascinated by the arts and the history, culture and especially the music and dances of Central Asia. My uncle owned and played records with music from this part of the world since he is an oriental and folk music collector. Not only did I listen to my uncle's record collection, there was also an abundance of books, magazines and publications about Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries that I remember keep leafing through. more
Reportage. Afrosiyab
One of the cafes in Tashkent that enjoy wide popularity among both natives and foreigners nowadays is cafe Afrosiab situated near the Intercontinental. It perfectly combines national styles and the high-level of service and quality you expect. more
Entry into Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan requires the following:
~ 2 black and white photographs
~ Letter of invitation (or sponsorship)
~ Valid visa. more
Reportage. James Williford
The Glen-Eden Private Hotel and Conference center has just extended its facilities. They say it was client-driven: conferences and groups just kept asking for more rooms. So what makes The Glen-Eden tick? Why do people think of it as being so different? We decided to ask a member of the team. more

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