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From the editor

Our fourth 4th edition and already we are taking Discovery abroad, for the world to discover...
Discovery Central Asia Travel & Leisure.
Discovery will be represented at ITB Berlin, where you are going to meet the country's tourism experts, meet and talk to them in person about the tours, the people, nature, architectural splendors, arts and crafts and much more this country in the heart of Central Asia has to offer its visitors. more


calling from abroad +998 65 +7 digits
calling from Uzbekistan +8365 +7 digits

The old city the new city they are once again put on the map. On the initiative of Mansur Zakirov of Bukhara tourism a splendid new map, indicating all monuments, hotels, b&b's, restaurants, and sites of major interest in English, was commissioned and is currently in the making, awaiting double and tripple checking. Available as of March in all hotels, b&b's and a variety of shops. more

24 Hours in Samarkand
Pearl or the East, Amir Temur's capital, Afrosiab, center of Sogdiana, the city of legends along The Great Silk Road, described bu many in the most colorful and awe inspired expression of their time. more
Arts Artists
Gennadiy Bajajin
Drawn, from an early age, to the mountains, Gennadiy incoprorates the sketches he brings back from his numerous mountain climbing expeditions in the Pamir, Tien-Shan and the Caucasus into his chiaruscuro works. Mountains and people - portraits, these are his major themes; the meditative state, calm and infinity his expression. more
Art design
Mirzaakhmedov Turgunboy is one in a long line of crofts masters from Margilan. One of the first to open his own atelier in Margilan he today produseds some of the finest handwoven textiles in Uzbekistan. His innovative skill and perfect control over patterns, color harmonies, techniques such as abr (cloud), also known als ikat make him one of the most respected and reputed silk weavers. more
Art History
A nomadic tribe roaming the areas around present day N-Afghanistan and S-Uzbekistan they were feared as wild with independent spirit bowing to no authority they held a reputation as inveterate warriors caravan robbers but also fine horse breeders and riders. more
Location. Charvak - Chimgan

The peaks of Karakush (3864 m), Akshom (3789 m), Babaytag (3555 m), Large Chimgan (3309 m) look intimidating and inviting.

Driving North-East out of Tashkent, splendid white mountain tops glitter under the blue skies - the Western flanks of the Tien-Shan. We are heading towards high-mountainous passes, alpine pastures, savage gorges and river rapids which are difficult of access and have been for years an attraction for tourists from all over the world. more

People. It is pure chance that broght me here.
Mr. Sompairac, can you tell us what brought you to Uzbekistan?
It is pure chance that brought me here. I first arrived 10 years ago and I figured, a country with 24 Million inhabitants that has been cut off from global trade holds tremendous potential. more
Reportage. Obi-Rahmat
Touch the ram's horn and. not too long after, a child will be born to you. This is the stuff of legends yet locals, husband and wife, do come here to get the blessings of the spirit of ancient times. The further mankind advances the more interested we become in the history of our ancestors, early man. In hidden places we can find the testimony of times long gone petroglyphs. more
Entry into Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan requires the following:
~ 2 black and white photographs
~ Letter of invitation (or sponsorship)
~ Valid visa. more
Feedback. Uzbekistan.
Paris, Friday 27 September, 22.00 hrs. Uzbekistan Airways flight HY252 to Taskent departs on time. The new Airbus 310 is painted in the national colours of Uzbekistan but looks a little bit naked inside: no decoration at all. When you're flying with an Asian airline to Asia you expect to enter into a typical atmosphere once inside the plain. The same goes for the uniform from the hostesses: over-aged Soviet style. Why not buy some nice tissues in Bukhara or Khiva and have typical and original dresses? We get a drink after taking off and later a good supper is served. But it seems that the staff forgot to serve drinks with the food. more
Festivals. Boysun
South of Shakhrisabz, in the Surkhandarya province, along the ancient trade route of The Great Silk Road, hidden away in a beautiful valley, lays Baisun an area on its way to becoming a household name among the culturally interested in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. more

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