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From the editor

Dear readers, you hold in your hands the very latest issue of our "Discovery Central Asia" magazine. As you see, it has increased in size and I can assure you, the volume of information has increased too. Thank you to my teams who have put in hard work over the summer months. more

News. Kyrgyz Republic

Kyrgyz Republic, commonly referred to as Kyrgyzstan, became an independent country on 31 August 1991. The head of state is the President (since independence, the president of Kyrgyzstan has been Askar Akaev). Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked, largely mountainous country in Central Asia bounded on the east by China, on the north by Kazakstan, on the west by Uzbekistan and on the southwest and south by Tajikistan. more

Gourmet. A taste of the Pomegranate
Pomegranate is one of the plants, the value of which was and still is highly cherished in the East.The flowers and fruits of the pomegranate symbolize wealth, plentitude and fertility. more
48 Hours in Surkhandarya
The city of Termez was founded under Czar Nicholai II as a fortification on the southern border of his empire, and is still a stronghold guarding the state border between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. more
Reportage. Descendants of Tibetan Wolfs
The Alabay was spread over a large territory reaching from the Caspian Sea over to China and from the Southern Ural to Afghanistan. Where did it originate though? The blood of the Tibetan wolf runs in his veins. Only a wolf can fight a wolf. And the Alabay is the only dog with fangs like a wolf, sharp on their backside, and the only dog who instinctively knows how to get the wolf. Passed on from one nomadic tribe to the next, he interbred and genetically is also close to the Mongolian sheep dog, Tibetan mastiff, the Afghan. In Western Europe the Spanish mastiff is a relative of his. more
Nature. Playful spirit of Gissar
The Gissar mountain range separates the Surkhandarya valley, a branch of the original Great Silk Road, from the rest of Uzbekistan. It can certainly be rated as one of the most beautiful landscapes in Central Asia. Juniper forests interchange with alpine meadows who in turn give place to mountainous tundra and snow peaked summits with mighty tongues of glaciers. more
Voyage. ...stranger in Paradise

We're in the midst of summer, the heat is on, it's vacation and we all need a break. It's time for a drastic change from our every day life to recharge our batteries. So, let's get some unforgettable impressions, best, far from home. Let's travel and get away, let's get a complete change of scenery. more

Reportage. RAGU Restaurants, Club...
The restaurants of the Ragu group are very popular amongst the citizens of the city of Tashkent. In the year 2003 our 7th anniversary the Royal Garden grill restaurant, Chicago Club, Michigan Avenue and the Sky Club were added to our existing collection of restaurants and bars. more
Slin temple of ancient Bactria
Central Asia, the vast territory located on the crossroads East West, North South, on the main passage through Eurasia, became the setting place for a diversity of ethnic groups on their way to greener pastures, literally. The spendid monuments of the cultures they founded have left their traces on this part of the world. more
People. Dr. Ali Artaman
Q: What is your activity in Uzbekistan?
A: I am an international health consultant, based in Canada, focused on population health issues of Central Asia and the Caucasus.! am here to help medical institutes develop health information management system. Besides, I am visiting high-quality medical centers in Uzbekistan and neighboring countries to identify suitable ones for diagnosis and treatment of ill tourists. more
Reportage. Lakeside Golf Club
Do remember though, footwear for golfers is designer to protect the carefully manicured lawn: no stiletto heels, no western books. And as concerns the dress code: no jeans and collarless shirt. Such are the traditions. more
Festivals. Biennale 2003
Tashkent is the largest cultural center in the country in terms of modern art and historical context. The Academy of Art is currently preparing an ambitious project, an "Biennale" never carried out in the Central Asian Region before. more
I must admit that I had never heard of Uzbekistan until a few months before 1 moved here for the first time in 1996.
When my Peace Corps recruiter informed me that T would be living and working in Uzbekistan for the next two years, I had to reach for a map. Uzbekistan. Surrounded by Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. more
Arts. Lebiniso Sharipova
Her compositions of terrestrial and other-worldly subjects are strong in color harmony and fine plastic lines. Each color spectrum Sharipova applies epitomizes the artist's strong idea and clear concept. more

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