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From the editor

Central Asia has, after a few hundred years of relative obscurity, come Central Asia has, after o few hundred years of relative obscurity, come back into the limelight. Towns and sites such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Almaty, Bishkek, the Fergana Valley the Amu Darya river, which until the 16th century played a key role in world history, culture, science and trade were shrouded with a mystic veil until quite recently. However, Central Asia and the people living within her boundaries have always maintained relations with the rest of the world, both East and West. more

24 Hours in Tashkent
To mention Tashkent merely as the biggest city in Central Asia is not doing the capital of Uzbekistan justice. Tashkent is often described in the most unflattering light. Words that spring to our mind, are romantic, charming, metropolitan, laid-back, diverse, interesting and a heaven for those. In search of unraveling a city's many secrets. Tashkent offers something for everybody, from international Hotel chains to Chai-Khana, from lust parks to nightclubs, from business centers to ancient Medressas. Culturally this is where it's happening in Uzbekistan, a wealth of Museums, exhibitions, artists covering the entire range of art crafts, music, you name it. more
People. Sevara Nazarhan
A young Uzbek singer, who thanks to her obstinacy and liking for hard work has become famous far beyond the boundaries of Uzbekistan Her tender lyrical voice, fascinates thousands of listeners. Any of Sevara's songs is a colourful fusion of classic, style contemporaneity and rich national traditions of the East. more
Nature. Chimgan
The sun is already shining brightly everywhere throughout Uzbekistan but in places the peaks of the mountains have kept their fresh white snow. Mountainous region of Chimgan is located 110-120 km from Tashkent. This picturesque place is worth seeing for those who want to feel the harmony of merging with nature, to withdraw from reality and think of one's own place in life. It is for this reason that tourists like Chimgan so much. It is very beautiful here in any season. more
Location. Jizzak
You may know the word Jizzax, pronounced Jizzak, from street signs on the main road leading to Samarkand. It may never have occurred to you but Jizzak is a quite a DISCOVERY. Jizzak's city limits, the area around the regional capital, offers places to visit and things to see, covering a variety of interests. Jizzak lies along The Great Silk Road and has a long history - early settlements date back to the Palaeoliticum. For thousands and thousands of years the town saw nomads, traders, pilgrims, dervishes and travelers from far-away places passing through. Wares from China and Levant were carried on Camel's backs through Jizzak. more
Arts Crafts design
One of the earliest form of Arts & Crafts was pottery and ceramics. From unglazed clay vessels, rhytons, clay flutes, statues and idols to figurines of funny traditional Uzbek men of all trades, to dragons and camels, glazed blue, white, green, yellow and brown plates of the highest artistic expression, piala cups, modern ceramic, the various regions all have a rich tradition in transforming nature's soil into pieces of art. As Arts & Crafts have seen a tremendous revival and support from within the country and from International Organizations hove made it possible for many the masters to create and research and ultimately exhibited their works both here and abroad. You are able to choose from a fine selection and some of the great masters offer workshops by special appointment. more
Chimgan and its peaks have attracted people of all ages since time immemorial. Lately Chimgan is also attracting nature lovers, music lovers and those concerned about the safety of the environment.
The Annual Ecological Tourist Festival in Chimgan has been running for 25 years now, attracting not only environmental enthusiasts and musicians from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan but also from Latvia, Russia who participated in the Festival last year. Anyone can come to the festival and enjoy singing and listening to songs around a campfire. You don't need to buy tickets beforehand... there is plenty of space on the "mountain" slope where observers can comfortably sit and enjoy the performances of these talented minstrels. more
Events. Little Discoveries
If you find it difficult to find places where you can listen to good music, enjoy art, delve into history or just generally have a good time let us take some time-out to think about what is available. Plunge into the heart of Tashkent and you'll have a chance to satisfy your craving for art. We are able to give you only a fraction of what Uzbekistan has to offer in terms of exhibitions, trade fairs and events in Uzbekistan. The following museums galleries organize events on a regular basis, call them for a schedule or check out their websites. more
Sport. President's cup
Do like tennis? Then Uzbekistan has what you need. Once a year, citizens and guests of Uzbekistan witness the keen battle for the President's Cup at Tashkent's biggest tennis stadium. You'll have the unique opportunity to watch your idols play and even get their autographs. Each year this prestigious international tennis tournament becomes even more attractive: more and more prominent tennis players such as Evgeniy Kafelnikov, Marat Safin, Rosse and many others participate for the grand prize of S500 000. more

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