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From the editor

Dear Reader, The Republic of Ubekistan is a country of significant potential with unique natural sources, long traditions of craftsmanship, commerce and agriculture, it is a wonderful country for tourism, especially with its cities Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva along the Great Silk Road. more

24 Hours in Bukhara
Bukhara - this word like a rosy angel In velvet breeches tickles your throat and flies by like a breeze, Heat, stuffiness, sparse verdure and the uncommonly tranquil and content faces of people are the first impressions. The second one - is of local convivial fellow and sage Khodja Nasreddin, on his donkey smiling at you from every advertising board, It is an attempt of one of the ancient cities of the world to look like others - darkened windows of supermarkets, delicate gratings and air conditioners in the windows of offices, billiard clubs and open summer cafes. more
Arts Design
Vladimir Ivaniv
Warmth and light come from canvases of Vladimir Ivaniv. They can be easily displayed not only in gallery exhibition halls but also in cosy interiors of dwelling houses. The artist doesn't copy reality but in poetic and elegant style reproduces on his canvases images of eternal Eastern city having shown all the beauty of colors in Samarkand. Mild color tones are sometimes supplemented by strong finale and you can feel an emotional hold-up pulsing under outward peace. more
UZBEKISTAN. All our life is a game. 1. I have a look at your children do you see the purity and light coming out of them? They're devoid of troubles and anxieties because children create their world themselves. Our boys and girls transform before our eyes becoming pilots and drivers, teachers and nurses or imitating us, their parents. How delicately they notice the only feature that can describe the character of images created by them and we recognize ourselves in their gestures, words and appearance. more
Nature. Issyk-Kul
Nature in Central Asia is many-sjded and unique. contains immense expanses of steppe, and eternal mystery of desert. Tyan-Shan mountain range towers above as if oasis in desert landscape framing lake Issyk-Kul with its unique perfect beauty- a pearl of Kyrgyzstan. more
Location. Chimkent
God gave each of us the right of choice when you travel all over Central Asia you can make fast and comfortable flights from one town to another admiring a bird's-eye view. You may travel using the services of travel agencies, but if you want to feel exotics and get the most of your summer holidays, then a short stopover on the way from Tashkent to Almaty will be stuck in your memory with the most unexpected welcome. more
People. Jean-Claude Beaujean
Belgium is amazing and unique country. Modern civilized state with developed industry, many-branched agriculture, high potential of science and a big reserve of skilled workers as well is an interaction of different cultures, races, traditions connected all together and also a kaleidoscope of sounds, colors and tinges... But the most impressive value of Belgium is its people very hospitable and friendly. We present you interview of Jean-Claude Beaujean, Consul of Kingdom of Belgium, with "Discovery" magazine. more
Events. 9 Little Discoveries
If you find it difficult to find places where you can listen to good music, enjoy art, delve into history or just generally have a good time let us take some lime-out to think about what is available. Plunge into the heart of Tashkent and you'll have a chance to satisfy your craving for art. We are able to give you only a fraction of what Uzbekistan has to offer in terms of exhibitions, trade fairs and events in Uzbekistan. The following museums and galleries organize events on a regular basis, call them for a schedule or check out their websites. more
Fashion. Tyubeteyka
Tyubeteyka (in Tatar - "tyubetey" from Turkic word "tyube" means "top") is a national embroidered scull-cap worn not only by Uzbeks but also by other Central Asian nations. Tatars from Volga wear tyubeteyka, It Is also known In Afghanistan, Iran, Turkish and China. more

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